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Added Benefits of Free Weight Exercises

Rick Bramos

Try these exercises when ready.

Once you have a base level of conditioning using

only machines you may want to experiment with 

a few free weight exercises.

A unilateral dumbell row is a basic functional movement

that mimics working in the yard bending over pulling weeds.

It will effectively recruit the core muscles as the load will only

be on one side. 

This free weight movement lets the shoulder

move naturally instead of following the predetermined path

of a machine making this more comfortable for some.

Free weight movements also challenge the eccentric part of the

exercise more effectively.

This is the part of the exercise when you are fighting it back down.

Machines have cables, guide rods and pivot points which add friction

and resistance which makes the lowering of the exercise a little

easier than free weight movements.

With free weight movements the load is all on the muscles.

Next week the LUNGE.

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