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Patient Testimonials

"Hello Dale,

I want to write you a quick letter to express how wonderful it has been working with you and your team, it has been amazing. The professionalism and knowledge you have about nutrition and the body is second to none. You have always been so willing to work with me, even with my tough diagnosis. Since the day I met you, your information has been so very helpful, leading me to be as healthy as possible with minimal cost. The integration of healing traditions from around the world has made the hugest difference. I appreciate you for working with me and finding a solution that conventional doctors could never nail down after 19 years of me trying….with no solution. I am so appreciative of the time you have taken to resolve not only my major health problems, but to help me as a whole feel better than I have in my entire life. Your information, thoughtfulness, time and great attitude have made my life so much easier, more productive & happier as a whole.

I can not express my gratitude. You are an angel to me.

Keep up the good work. You are awesome~!!!"

Cheryl B. - Walnut Creek , CA

“Feeling great! Finally got a good night’s sleep (first time in 2-3 weeks.) See you when I return from my vacation.”

CL - Santa Rosa, CA

“I want to thank you. You do incredible work. I came in there dragging, energy wise, thinking wise, brain wise, every other wise coming down the pike. I can’t begin to tell you the incredible work that you do with the incredible effects that it had with me. Outstanding, just totally outstanding. Bless you. Thank you. What a guy. Thank you, thank you, thank you – from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.”

Anita F. - Santa Rosa, CA

"Thank you so much for the nutritional advice. Taking supplements, herbs and changing my diet has really helped reduce my pain."

KM - Sebastopol, CA

“Dear Dale, …I am so grateful and appreciative for all you put forth of yourself plus your knowledge and experience on my behalf. I know that you do everything in your power to help me heal – from the acupuncture, to the laser, to the heated blankets, to our talks and all the TLC you provide. You are undoubtedly one of the most caring, compassionate, gentle people I know! I am so very fortunate!!!”  

Alberta S.  - Mill Valley, CA

“Dale, … thank you for your patience and skill in recent months to completely eliminate all the pain in my left leg. I walk every day and am thankful."

Jean E.  - Santa Rosa, CA

It's A Boy! Thank you Dale.

"Dear Dale...Your thoughtfullness and sharing as well as your skills go way beyond the call of duty. Thank you"

Jackie I. - Santa Rosa, CA

Hi Dale,

I'm astonished -- my hands don't hurt when I wake up in the morning as they did. It used to feel as if my skin was ripping off as I first moved them upon waking. Thank you. Mucho!  And, I'm not nearly as sleepy during the day as I was. Thank you again.

Kate S. - Santa Rosa


"Wow, the magnetic pellets that you placed in my ear yesterday are amazing.  I have not had even a sniffle, and with the wind blowing today as it is, it would usually really get my allergies going.

You said to take them out in a week...


Kristopher T   -  Santa Rosa, CA

"...Also, I'd like to compliment you on your bedside manor. It feels more like a visit with a good friend than a trip to the Dr. Thanks again"

Martin T. - Occidental, CA

“Thank you so much for offering your skills & time to the SSU Navigator Program. It was great to experience the “magic” of acupuncture through such an experienced, competent, centered, caring practioner. I am still amazed at the results! This is such an amazing modality. I am sorry it has taken me so long to experience it myself. Having had hands-on knowledge will absolutely give me increased confidence in making referrals. Thank you again” 

Rochelle P - Santa Rosa, CA

“Just can’t find enough words to say how much I appreciate all you did for my health and taking an interest in me. You will never know how much this has meant to me. My wish is that there would be more people in this world like you – it would be a wonderful place. I truly believe that I owe my life to you. Just “Thanks a million for everything” 

Rene R. & Joan L.

"Dear Dale, Thank you so much for your help with the suppements - we really appreciate it!"

Bob & Marcia L - Sebastopol, CA

"Can't thank you enough for your professionalism, support, caring and many kindnesses that have helped me with my progress." "I have challenged you with many physical issues these past months, and fortunately for me you have met the challenges. I came in this past week with a "killer" in my left jaw and am so thankful to have relief..." 

A. Fellenz - Santa Rosa, CA

"Dale - thanks for all your help! I am doing quite well. I have lost 25 pounds...You are a miracle worker! Thanks."

Elaine - Sebastopol, CA

"Hi Dale, Just wanted to let  you know that the acupuncture session you gave me Tuesday really helped with the joint pain. By the time I got home, I didn’t have any joint pain anywhere.  It felt so good not to hurt.  In the immortal lyrics of Tina Turner, “You’re simply the best!"...”

"Dear Dale, I want to tell you how much I've appreciated your many kindnesses towards me & my health & situations. Words can't describe how much your cheerful, helpful, caring ways have touched & helped me when I needed it most. Your continued caring means a lot to me - Thank you so much...You've been such a wonderful friend to me when I've needed one! Best wishes"

Bev L.  - Windsor, CA

Hello Dale,

Every day my shoulder is much better than the day before! I am able to reach above my head now, it is a little tender but I am so very relieved. I thank you so much for your concern and knowledge, it's wonderful.


Anne – Sonoma, CA

"A hidden Gem in Sebastopol:

After the second visit to ER in and seen my doctor three times in five days, and still no help. The kept telling me it was stress. I went online and did hours of searching and across Dales website, Acupuncture & Natural Pharmacy. Very impressed with his website I wrote him, in which he responded right away. I made an appointment for the next day. As I walked into the Acupuncture & Natural Pharmacy, The wonderful aroma of herbal tea was in the air. A beautiful spacious office with many rooms, and one room that looked like the Vitamin Shoppe.  I sat in his office, very ill and told him my symptoms. With great concern Dale listened to every word I said, taking notes and carefully looking over the paperwork of lab results I brought in. He is truly a caring person. He did not treat me as if I was crazy as the ER and my MD did. He gave me two remedies to take home, one supplement and one homeopathic. He also wrote what blood panel test to ask my doctor for. I saw my doctor the next day and she did the full panel of blood test that Dale recommended. After two weeks of taking the remedy that Dale gave, I am feeling so much better! With the blood test that dale recommended, I found out what was wrong with me, and it was not stress. I don’t know what I would have done without the help of Dale, he truly has a gift!

I have been in the Alternative field for many years, and never have come across someone with so much knowledge about supplements; he is very passionate about natural medicine.After meeting him you know he is very intelligent and that his pleasure in life is studying health & alternative medicine, and he continues to grow. Many times if a patient has multiple symptoms, their family doctor may refer them to various specialists as I was (e.g. neurologist, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, or psychiatrist, etc), to address that particular system of the body where the symptom is arising from. While specialists serve a vital role in health care, it is important to treat the whole person as Dale does, rather than isolating body systems. Dale recognizes the level of complexity and a need for referral should there be an emergency situation, or the necessity for further evaluation by a specialist. However as in my case, especially chronic conditions, a holistic approach was essential for my healing. He discusses a safe and effective natural treatment plan, unique to your care. This includes modalities such as clinical nutrition with whole foods diet and supplemental nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy, and other lifestyle therapies, along with removing obstacles to cure, thereby allowing your body to heal itself. I highly recommend Dale White; he is a hidden gem in Sonoma County.

Thank you so much! Take Good care!"

Laura Rolison

Dale White has a true healer’s heart and skill.  He is so compassionate, kind, generous and wise about helping the body as well as the spirit.  I have a very complex case and he continues to help me more than any acupuncturist I’ve seen, and I’ve seen so many over the years.  He spends so much quality time with his patients and is an incredible listener. I would recommend him to ANYONE. He is also very smart in functional medicine and I am so appreciative of his knowledge.  I feel so blessed to have found you, Dale! 
Hillary, Sebastopol

I want to express my gratitude for the two years I've been honored to work with you. I finally believe I have stayed healthy due to that work. I appreciate your wisdom, kindness and your soft approach. You are inspiring as a person - 

Margaret - S.F.
Dear Quicksilver Team, 
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate having Dr Dale White available to discuss the supplement and detoxing protocols. He has made it so much easier for our office to dive into using quicksilver products. Thank you thank you thank you!! We are fairly new to functional medicine, and having this service has been so helpful for us. I routinely encourage practitioners and patients to use your products!
Renee B. and Mint Health in Baton Rouge La. 


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