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Coronavirus or COVID-19


Dale White, LAc, MS, DNBAO
March, 2020

Below is what I am recommending for the coming CoronaVirus. There are 2 parts – Preparation and Treatment.

Of course everyone knows to wash their hands, not touch their face and keep a healthy distance from others in public. Another common sense practice is to drink a little water frequently, about every 15 min. The virus attaches to the mucous membranes in your throat but it takes a little while to penetrate. Drinking water can wash it down to your stomach where the stomach acid will kill it if it hasn’t yet penetrated the cells.

A friend sent me a copy of the national guidelines produced by the Guangdong Province Bureau of Chinese Medicine and a doctor treating patients in Hubei Province. I have 11 pages of herbal formulas with modifications fitting different symptom presentations commonly seen with this virus. If you get sick I can talk to you and find the closest match and order locally. It would just take a couple days to get the formula and who knows if it would be sold out but these would be the most specific to the way the virus affects you personally.

If you want any of these items please call the office and pre-order. The biggest warehouse I order from is already out of stock of many items. Often we can find alternatives but I just don’t know how this is going to go. I don’t see a need for panic but those who are immune-compromised should be careful as they would with any strong virus.


  • Vitamin C: 4 grams a day in divided doses but all at once is ok is you have to.

  • Vitamin D3/K2: 5000 units daily. Use the Quicksilver D3/K2, 2 pumps a day.

  • Zinc: 50 mg a day. Or you can get some Zinc lozenges and suck on those a few times a day.

  • Liposomal Glutathione: 4 pumps once a day. Viruses thrive in a Glutathione depleted environment. Viruses struggle when adequate Glutathione is present. Glutathione facilitates a normal inflammatory response. It inhibits and calms down inflammation. It is the primary anti-oxidant and detoxifying molecule of the human body.

  • Jade Screen (and Yin Qiao): 8 tiny pills 3 times a day or 10 twice a day. This combination of herbal formulas approximates recommendation for prevention from Guangdong and Hubei Provinces. I priced the custom formula but it came to $6 a day. Putting these 2 formulas together is close enough and 1/3 the cost.


  • Notatum: once a week. Suppositories are best but capsules are ok. Take as far away from food as possible. If you use capsules open the capsule and pour the powder on the back of your throat and let it soak in a bit before swallowing. Take this 3 or 4 days away from Quentans.

  • Quentans: once a week. Suppositories are best but capsules are ok. Take as far away from food as possible. If you use capsules open the capsule and pour the powder on the back of your throat and let it soak in a bit before swallowing. Take this 3 or 4 days away from Notatum.

  • Mycobactin S: once a week as far away from food as possible. Open capsule and pour powder onto the back of your throat. If you get sick then stop this remedy. Your immune system will already be primed and won’t need more.

  • Oscillococcinum: this is a homeopathic that can be very effective at reducing symptoms and duration but you have to take it at the very, very first sign of getting sick. It could be taken once a week in preparation since one can have the virus and not know it.

Treatment If You Get Sick:

  • Vitamin C: The biggest problem with this viral infection is for people whose immune system overreacts. This is called a cytokine storm and produces severe symptoms which can lead to pneumonia. Vitamin C can interrupt a cytokine storm. Increase the dose to 10 grams a day in divided doses. A common problem with doses this high is that it will cause diarrhea and you don’t want to become dehydrated. Before getting sick experiment with how high of a dose your bowels will tolerate before becoming loose. If it is less than 10 grams then use Liposomal Vitamin C to get up to 10. The liposomal form will absorb in the mouth and not affect your bowel

  • Vitamin A: Not Beta Carotene. A high dose for a short period will help protect the mucous membranes of the lungs. 50,000-75,000 IU’s for 3-5 days, no more than 5 days.

  • Vitamin D3: Vitamin D will support your bone marrow production of immune cells. 50,000 IU’s for 3-5 days, then stop. We have capsules of 50,000 IU’s that are very inexpensive. For cost savings you can use the capsules without the K2 for this short time.

  • Glutathione: 6 pumps twice daily on an empty stomach. Hold in your mouth for 1-2 minutes before swallowing.


  • There are almost countless anti-viral options. Olive leaf, Elderberry, Echinacea, Oregano, Silver, Isatis, etc, etc, etc

  • Notatum and Quentans: I have used these together daily over the years for myself and family and it has been very successful every flu year. 1 suppository of each every night as far away from food as possible. OR 1 capsule of each twice a day away from food. The suppositories are stronger.

  • Yin Qiao at the initial stage of sore throat. Then when it penetrates to the lungs we have to switch.

  • Artemisinin Emulsified: This is a very strong anti-viral but expensive. I’ve been experimenting with coating my throat with the gel and it is working well. One could also disperse it in a little water and gargle with it. In the caps, Microb Manager, it is combined with other anti-virals anti-inflammatories.

  • Nose & Throat Sprays like Silver, Biocidin, Spray Away, etc.

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