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QuickSilver Scientific Practitioner Wholesale
Membership information for QuickSilver Scientfic Products

Membership information for QuickSilver Scientfic Products

Practitioners with QuickSilver Scientific and/or PuRXpressions accounts, please click below to
schedule a 
consultation with Dale White, LAc. for Test Reviews, Protocols, Product questions:

Online scheduling

Please contact our office at (707) 824-8381 or toll free at (877) 839-2973 if you would like to place a Wholesale order for any quantity of QuickSilver Scientific or PuRXpressions products. We now have a $200 minimum for Practitioner orders. If you have any questions about signing up for a QuickSilver Scientific wholesale account please call the QuickSilver Colorado office at (303) 531-0861. 

For any other questions, please email Dale White, LAc., D.N.B.A.O. at dale.white@quicksilverscientific.com.
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