About Dr. Hiroaki Nanba - History and Discoveries
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Dr. Hiroaki Nanba 

Hiroaki NANBA, Ph.D.,
Professor Emeritus, Kobe Pharmaceutical University
Kobe, Japan

Dr. Hiroaki Nanba studied "The Proliferation of Viruses" at the Kyoto University, School of Agricultural Sciences in Japan. He then transferred to the Kobe Pharmaceutical Pharmacy in 1985 for the research of immuno-potentiating materials in the Maitake mushroom. He actively and aggressively pursued his Maitake mushroom research and subsequently was the first person to successfully isolate what he named, "MD-Fraction." the "D" designating his fourth, and most successful attempt in isolating this unique and most potent version of the fraction, which is used in his Maitake Concentrate.

Dr. Nanba presently holds the position of Professor Emeritus at the Kobe Pharmaceutical University. He has written many scientific publications and books, such as "Maitake-Challenging Cancers," "Immune-Power; Another Method to Combat Influenza" and "Maitake - Combatting Cancers and Lifestyle-Related Diseases."
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