What is Maitake?
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Maitake - A Magical and Mysterious Mushroom; Its History and My Involvement with Her.

Grifola Frondosa, commonly known as maitake, is becoming better known in general.

During the Edo period in Japan, maitake was presented to the Shogun by a Daimyou from the Tohoku Region (NorthEastern Japan.) The Shogun was so impressed by the positive effects of consuming the mushroom, that he ordered more Maitake.

Wild maitake is very hard to come by. Villagers in search of this fungal treasure were guaranteed an equal exchange of the weight of the mushrooms they collected with the same in silver. Needless to say, this made this mushroom a very rare and precious bounty of nature. "Mai Take" literally means "Dancing Mushroom." This is because those who came across the mushrooms would dance for joy in that they were promoting health and providing for their families.

Another, less well known interpretation of maitake is that the idea that the mushroom's blossoms resemble a butterfly flying. As can be seen, this mushroom plays a role on so many different levels. 

So how did the Shogun consume and enjoy maitake? Aside from its very good taste in cuisine, he also experienced a heightened sense of well-being after starting his maitake regime. Despite the fact that there was no "traditional Western science" then, the beneficial effects of maitake were undeniable. Hence, Dancing Mushroom!

In 1982, I first became acquainted with the potential of the medicinal qualities of Grifola Frondosa. In put my blood, sweat and tears into the research of this mushroom.

I was very fortunate to become acquainted with Mr. Ohdaira, the head/CEO of the Yukiguni Maitake Company, the world's most cutting edge organic mushroom cultivation facility in the world. He came to visit me, asking if there are applications for this mushroom aside from dietary needs. That further uplifted the development of the mushroom for "medicinal" needs as well.

THIS is where my involvement with Maitake took hold. It began there. Here.

In 1985, I was first able to isolate and extract what I named "MD-Fraction" from the Maitake mushroom



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