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Prior to purchasing PEKANA products, you must be an established patient with a prescription from DALE WHITE, LAc.
To establish yourself as a patient of Dale White, LAc., please contact us at (707) 824-8381 or toll free at (877) 839-2973 to make an appointment.

ITIRES is a general LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE remedy and helps resolve issues and accumulations at LYMPH NODES. ITIRES is a very important remedy for cleaning up and restoring the extracellular matrix (the lymphatic fluid and tissue that surrounds every cell in the body). Inflammatory debris, infection, microbial toxins and other toxins pass through the lymphatics and are stopped at the lymph nodes. The IMMUNE SYSTEM attempts to neutralize these toxins at the lymph nodes and keep them out of general circulation. If the immune system is unable to resolve these reactions or if the toxic burden is too heavy the lymph nodes can become inflamed, swollen and stop functioning. The resulting backup of toxic fluid and loss of immune function can be disastrous to systemic health and vitality. Frequently combined with apo-Hepat and Renelix. See Drainage Kit.
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