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1 hour Consultation with Dale White, MS, LAc., DNBAO1 hour Consultation with Dale White, MS, LAc., DNBAO

After paying for your consultation, please select "SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION" from the main Home menu and schedule a day and time. Or, contact our office at (707) 824-8381 to set up a phone or SKYPE appointment.

1st Chakra Formula - Root Chakra1st Chakra Formula - Root ChakraStability, physical energy & sensations, will of individual, security, being grounded, dwells on sex, fight or flight response.
2nd Chakra Formula - Sacral Chakra2nd Chakra Formula - Sacral Chakra"Social involvement, creativity, healing, sexuality,... emotions, intuition."
3rd Chakra Formula - Solar Plexus Chakra3rd Chakra Formula - Solar Plexus ChakraIntellect, ambition, personal power, protection, inability to give or receive love, intolerant, lacks forgiveness.
4th Chakra Formula - Heart Chakra4th Chakra Formula - Heart Chakra"Love, compassion, emotional balance, key events and crises in life, social consciousness."
5th Chakra Formula - Throat Chakra5th Chakra Formula - Throat Chakra"Communication, expression, divine guidance, judgmental."
6th Chakra Formula - Third Eye Chakra6th Chakra Formula - Third Eye Chakra"Spiritual awareness and direction, clairvoyance, intuition, conceptual powers, motivation."
7th Chakra Formula - Crown Chakra7th Chakra Formula - Crown Chakra"Enlightenment, imagination, cosmic consciousness, energy, perfection, at one with surroundings, transformation of self and emotions."
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